Hooray Hooray It’s a Giveaway!

Remember my marathon post last month where I wrote all about my first blogging conference? You don’t!?! Well, I never! Just kidding. It’s ok, really. In this busy world I know it’s hard enough to remember what one did yesterday let alone a random post on some blog. Ah, but once again I’m rambling.

So, back to the blogging conference. Well, one of the vendors there was none other than Hallmark. You know, they of the greeting cards and gift wrap and ornaments. Right now they have a campaign entitled “Life is a Special Occasion.” Basically, they are celebrating the little things – a perfectly cooked meal, a beautiful sunset, a hug from a loved one, winning the lottery…you know all those little things that make your day special.

When I visited their booth at BlogHer last month, I was given a t-shirt and a sharpie. Wha??? Well, the t-shirt says __________ IS A SPECIAL OCCASION and I used the sharpie to fill in the blank. Here’s the photographic evidence. I know, I know it’s not that original. But it was late and I was so tired and…well, it’s not that bad really. Everyday has the potential to be a special occasion.

And here’s where your day can become a special occasion – Hallmark has provided me with a t-shirt and and assortment of cards to share with one of my fine readers. Yes, your very own _________ IS A SPECIAL OCCASION shirt that you can adorn however you want. Heck, you can even write “every day” on it. I’m that generous.

So, if ya wants to enter just comment below. Be sure to leave your name! One week from today I will randomly pick a winner. Good luck!


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