I Love Felix

Now you may think I’m talking about this guy

or maybe this guy

but I’m actually talking about this big boy

Don’t worry, I haven’t gone nuts and started naming my food. This just happens to be a dish of most deliciousness that I always order from Felix Continental Cafe in Orange.

Felix happens to be a Cuban restaurant located in the picturesque Orange Circle. It’s been there as long as I can remember, although I didn’t start eating there until I was an adult. And once I started boy was I hooked.

You know I love me some Cuban food, and does Felix deliver! Authentic eats that are oh so tasty and inexpensive to boot.  One of my favorite dishes is the one listed above, the classic Arroz con Pollo. A generous helping of saffron rice, juicy roasted chicken, and sweet plantains – yum, yum, yum!

At Felix, the above dish is $9.50 and before you start thinking it’s not so cheap, let me tell you I have never eaten this dish in one sitting. It’s the kind of dish where you eat and eat and eat and it looks like you’ve barely touched it. It’s that big. I always get two meals out of it.

But, if by chance it doesn’t look good to you, check this out

A tender roasted pork with a side of plaintans, rice, and beans (which are unfortunately camera shy). I got to have a taste and yum again! I may be tempted to stray on my next visit.

And if that isn’t enough, if you happen to go for dinner it will come with dessert. Try the Tres Leches Cake, it is unbelievably good. Or just order it with your lunch – at these prices you can afford it.

So head on over to Felix for outstanding Cuban food guaranteed to fill you up for lunch AND dinner!

Felix Continental Cafe
36 Plaza Square
Orange, CA 92866
M-F 11am-10pm, Sat & Sun 8am-10pm

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