Shopping for the Perfect Bra at Sculpted Silhouette

Bra shopping? Ugh.

That seems to be what most women think when the subject is approached. I know that’s often been the case with me as I happen to be…um…blessed…with a figure that is not easily shopped for. So when I heard about Sculpted Silhouette, I was very intrigued.

Sculpted Sillhouette

Sculpted Silhouette is located inside the charming Cultural Interiors West in Los Angeles. It’s a small salon curated by the lovely Lorne who was inspired by a trip to Paris. Like most women she didn’t find a perfect fit amongst the bras in American stores. When she went to Paris she was amazed at the availability of bras for every shape and size. She became inspired and learned all about bra sizing. Soon came Sculpted Silhouette, an intimate space where she shares her expertise with everyone.

sculpted silhoutte

When I came in for my appointment I was warmly greeted by Lorna and her assistant, Bertha. Before we even started on the bras I was given a lesson in breast health. Lorne has expertise in assisting those affected by breast cancer and strives to make sure women are educated on this important subject.

When we moved on to the fitting Lorne made sure to find exactly what I needed. She asked about my current bras and answered all questions I had on the subject. She is truly an expert! I learned all about proper sizing and bra care. You see, she’s not simply interested in selling you any bra. She wants to make sure that you get the right bra every time you shop. At this appointment and anytime in the future whether you shop with her or not.

fitting room

For instance, in my case we couldn’t find a bra that perfectly fit. In the old days I would have just taken what I tried on and thought, “close enough.” Not this time. We poured over her catalogs and special ordered a couple of bras. She made sure to advise me that it would be some time until they were in as they were coming directly from Europe.

A few weeks later I was back in the shop to try them on. She had made sure to order different sizes to make sure I found the perfect one and, sure enough, I did. I loved it so much I wore it home!

And did I notice in the days after how perfect the bra was? Of course! It completely changed the way I carried myself. For the first time in my adulthood I felt comfortable with my appearance. And just comfortable! No pain, no pinching, just great support.

Sculpted Silhouette is available by appointment only. Call 323-778-2109 or email


  1. Ann May 11, 2014 at 9:38 pm

    I loved that place, and Lorne is such a sweetheart! I was so surprised at what the proper size for me is too; such a difference in how it fits & feels compared to what I used to wear.

    1. mk1005 May 19, 2014 at 12:17 am

      She is amazing!

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