Speculoos Cookie Beer Debuts at Angel City Brewery

It may not be December yet but I’m well into the Christmas spirit. I’ve already watched Hallmark movies, listed to Christmas carols and eaten tons of lebkuchen. Speaking of holiday treats…recently I was sent a delicious surprise from Angel City BrewerySpeculoos Cookie Beer.

Son of a nutcracker! What will they think of next?

I have to say, when I opened the package I just about squealed with delight. Growing up in a German household I’ve loved speculoos since I was little (long before the cookie butter trend) and I couldn’t wait to try it in beer form.


According the Angel City head brewer, Layton Cutler, he and his team “recreated the sugar and spice speculoos cookie flavor by combining caramel malt, honey malt, biscuit malt and brown sugar with a…spice blend of nutmeg, ginger, star anise, white pepper, clove and cinnamon.” Sounds delicious! And it is! Now, I wouldn’t say it tastes just like a speculoos cookie nor would I really want it to. Instead it’s a sweet, rich, malty beer with kiss of spice that truly evokes the holiday season. I love it.

Speculoos Cookie Beer is available on draft at the public house and in 22-oz. limited edition bottles.

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