Strolling Through the Television Academy Sculpture Garden

I’ve always been a fan of television. As a kid I crushed on Jason Bateman in The Hogan Family, loved catching The Patty Duke Show on Nick and Nite and lived for TGIF and my three favorite shows Perfect Strangers, Family Matters and Full House. A few years back I stopped watching TV for awhile thinking I was “above” it and devoted my time to reading. It didn’t last. I still love books but now I fully admit I love TV, too.  Imagine my surprise, then, when I was leafing through a recent issue of Westways and discovered there was a sculpture garden at the Television Academy devoted some of the genres biggest stars. I immediately added a visit to my to do list and on a recent stop in North Hollywood I made sure to check it.

The Television Academy, home to the Emmy’s, unveiled its brand new campus last year. Home to a state of the art theatre, the Saban Media Center, it’s the centerpiece of all things TV. Scattered around the campus are various sculptures of those inducted into the Television Hall of Fame. On a recent chilly afternoon my family and I decided to take a stroll around and check them out.

There’s a wide range of notable figures from past to present and, like Carl Reiner, Walt Disney and Mary Tyler Moore, they cover a wide variety of roles in the industry. Some sculpture are surprisingly good likenesses like Angela Landsbury and Andy Griffith.


And some are…not so great.

Oh, Oprah.

And would you guess this is Rod Serling?

A few, like Carol Burnett, were captured in their most famous roles.

And  even fewer, like Lucy and Desi, received life-sized statues.

Lucy looks pretty good and Desi…well…I won’t show you the other angle.

I was especially excited to find tributes t0 my two favorite television performers Bob Newhart and, the eternally 39, Jack Benny.


The Television Academy Sculpture Garden is a fun diversion if you find yourself in the North Hollywood area. And if you want to cap off your stroll with a sweet treat head across Magnolia Blvd. to Republic of Pie and have a slice for me!

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