Sweet Treats at Yogurtland and B. Candy

I’m a sucker for a good game app. Only problem is I get addicted real quick. Take Candy Crush. I innocently downloaded it and before I knew it I was obsessed with getting to the next level. My only option was to quick cold turkey so my dishes could get washed, my dinner could be cooked and this blog could be written.

Recently I discovered a new, healthier way to enjoy Candy Crush at Yogurtland. Yogurtland? Yup! From now until Spetember 13th they’re serving up a variety of delicious flavors based on the popular game.


I was lucky enough to visit the Yogurtland headquarters for a preview of the flavors. They’re located in Orange County and, boy, are the employees lucky. As soon as you walk in there’s a bank of machines ready to serve up a sweet treat.

IMG_9056 (800x600)

On my visit, they were stocked with the Candy Crush flavors from Orange Pop Soda to Maple Donut to Candy Clouds to Lemonade Lake (and everything in between). In order to provide an accurate report I made myself try a sample of each. I know. It was a true sacrifice.

IMG_9070 (600x800)

That my friends is Candy Clouds, a cotton candy flavor. It tasted just like it, too! I also loved the Orange Pop Soda which tasted like real oranges. For my main dish I opted for Chocotastic! Sorbet, Salted Caramel Gelato and Maple Donut.

IMG_9063 (601x800)

They made a tasty trio!

Another fun spot in Orange County is B. Candy in Corona Del Mar. This brightly colored shop is a kid’s dream come true with candy, ice cream, baked goods and toys readily available.

IMG_9080 (800x600) IMG_9079 (800x600) IMG_9090 (800x600) IMG_9092 (800x600)

On my visit, I was given the opportunity to try their latest offering, Wafflepops.

IMG_9083 (800x600)

These tasty Liege waffles are served on a stick and can be eaten plain or as the base for an ice cream sundae.

IMG_9088 (800x600)

Between Candy Crush yogurt and Wafflepops SoCal is a sugar lover’s paradise!

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