Viewing Diamonds: Rare Brilliance at Natural History Museum LA

When I was young one of my favorite stores to visit was Natural Wonders. No longer in business, it was a store that had a huge selection of gems and minerals and I loved looking at all their unique sizes and shapes. To this day I still love looking at them and one of the best collections in the area is located at the Natural History Museum. The Gems and Minerals Hall is filled with a vast array of fascinating pieces and I’ve visited it several times. Recently, I was back at the hall to preview a new exhibit called Diamonds: Rare Brilliance.

Diamonds: Rare Brilliance partners the museum with L.J. West Diamonds to showcase some of the world’s rarest colored diamonds, never before seen in the US. The centerpiece of the exhibit is the Juliet Pink Diamond (shown above) which is over 30 carats. As you can see it’s set in a a most spectacular necklace that anyone would be lucky to wear.

Another highlight is the ultra rare Argyle Violet Diamond.  Harvested in Rio Tinto’s Argyle Diamond Mine in remote Australia it’s only one of a few violet diamonds found each year. This particular one, at 2.8 carats, is the largest found and it’s fitted into a beautiful ring.

My favorite piece is the Rainbow Necklace featuring 88 multi-colored diamonds mined from different continents. The necklace is absolutely stunning and no photo can do it justice. As a bonus, it’s also visible under a black light to showcase the diamonds fluorescent properties.

Diamonds: Rare Brilliance runs through March 19 and I’m glad I was able to see it. I may never have the opportunity to wear such brilliant jewels but at least I was able to view them up close.

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