Viewing Dressing Downton at Muzeo

I’ve long been a fan of period drama so back in 2011 when I heard a new show called Downton Abbey was coming to PBS I was completely on board. I watched the pilot and was immediately hooked and watched the first couple of seasons religiously but once Sybil kicked the bucket I was out.  You can’t kill off one of my favorite characters and expect me to keep watching. Even so I still appreciate the lavish sets and beautiful costumes. Speaking of the costumes, they’re currently touring the country and can now be viewed at Muzeo in Anaheim. To celebrate one of my aunt’s birthdays my family decided to have a ladies day out and visited Dressing Downton.

Thanks to timed entry the gallery wasn’t too crowded when we visited offering us ample time to view the costumes which were displayed in Edwardian vignettes and accompanied with production stills featuring the scenes in which they were worn.

The close up viewing allowed us to see just how detailed the costumes are. They’re so beautiful! The artistry is outstanding and they look like actual period dress instead of costumes.

In fact, some items are actual vintage pieces. The majority have been made for the show but at times actual period items were used when possible like this beautiful 1920’s era gown.

Although it’s nearly 100 years old it’s in exceptional condition. How lucky was the actress who wore it?

Whether contemporary or vintage each piece was exquisitely made and a joy to view up close. My only complaint would be the size of the exhibition – it’s a rather small sampling of costumes from a show with so many seasons. If you’re looking for any outfits from the later years you’re out of luck as the costumes don’t extend beyond the fourth season. But this is just a minor quibble and overall the exhibit is quite impressive. Even though I long gave up on the plot I still appreciate the costumes of Downton Abbey.


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