Viewing Fire Chasers at the KCET Cinema Series

I’ve long professed my love of KCET and one of my favorite aspects of the network is its embrace of the Los Angeles community. Not only does it showcase local stories on television but it also regularly hold public events that serve the area. One of my favorites is the KCET Cinema Series which screens top productions at the Aero Theatre in Santa Monica and this week I was lucky enough to attend the world premier of the Netflix documentary series, Fire Chasers.

Fire Chasers
photo courtesy of KCET

The evening was hosted by film critic Pete Hammond and was followed by a Q & A with several of the show’s participants. Unfortunately, I had to leave early so I missed the Q & A but I was able to view the first two episodes of the show.

CAL FIRE Apparatus Engineer William Cody Parks, Cinema Series host Pete Hammond, executive producer/showrunner/director Molly Mayock, CAL FIRE Director Chief Ken Pimlott, Netflix’s Director of Original Documentaries Ben Cotner and KCETLink Media Group’s President and CEO Michael Riley. Photo by KCET.

Fire Chasers follows several fire fighters as they battle various wildfires throughout California. Thanks to climate change and years of drought there has been an enormous increase in these events and the show offers a first hand glimpse of the efforts made by Cal Fire and the Los Angeles County Fire Department to combat the blazes.

Watching the episodes on the big screen was an intense experience. Through the aid of GoPro cameras we’re taken right into the heart of the fires and it truly is a frightening experience. I can’t imagine doing what these brave men and women do on a regular basis. They work so incredible hard to save the lives and homes of those in the path of flames and put their lives at risk every single time. Fire Chasers brings much deserved recognition to these courageous people.

Fire Chasers debuts tomorrow and I’m already planning on watching the remaining episodes. As we move into fire season it’s important to remember those on the front lines protecting us. Thanks to KCET and Netflix, I won’t soon forget them.

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