Vintage Trailers at The Murphy Auto Museum

One day I was scrolling through facebook and came across a notice for an upcoming vintage trailer show. Now I love vintage trailers. Love, love, love them. One day I plan to own one and toodle around the country in it. So I knew I had to go even though the show was in Oxnard. Don’t get me wrong – I’m also a fan of Oxnard but it’s not exactly near me. No matter – if there’s a show I’m going so grabbed my mom and sis and headed out bright and early one June morning to check it out.

The show was located at The Murphy Auto Museum in conjunction with their latest exhibit “Let’s Go Camping.” I’d never been to the museum before and had no idea what to expect. Turns out it’s quite the place with a cavernous exhibit hall filled with all sorts of vehicles. One day I’ll definitely need to head back to explore it more but this day was all about trailers. They filled a good portion of the hall and the parking lot and I was one of several visitors admiring them.

When attending car shows “the look don’t touch” aspect can often be frustrating. I totally get it but there’s only so much you can see through a window. Trailer shows are completely different with the owners welcoming you into their mobile homes. The folks have a true passion for their vehicles and deck them out to the nines so, of course, they want to show them off.

I love that even though they often share the same layout each one has a completely different design scheme. Some fully embrace the vintage while others may favor a tiki or cantina look. No matter what the style they are completely individualistic and utterly creative.

I love them so much!

A vintage trailer show always makes for a fun outing. Everyone is happy, creativity is on display and there’s a hefty dose of Americana. The show at The Murphy Auto Museum was well worth the drive and I’m glad I made the effort to check it out. The only problem is now I want one even more!

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