Watching The Unauthorized Musical Parody of Troop Beverly Hills

When I was a preteen and stuck at home all summer I watched a lot of TV. We didn’t have cable so i would often watch reruns – Gilligan’s Island, I Love Lucy, Beverly Hillbillies, etc. There were also certain movies that were consistently shown on network television and one of them was Troop Beverly Hills. I LOVED Troop Beverly Hills and would watch it whenever it came on. Shelly Long was hilarious, it had Margaux from Punky Brewster in it and I was always ready to “Do the Freddie.” Needless, to say when I heard about a new show at Rockwell Table & Stage called The Unauthorized Musical Parody of Troop Beverly Hills I knew I had to go. Luckily, I scored a press pass so I grabbed my pal Mary and we headed over there one Saturday night.


You may recall my previous visit to Rockwell to see The Unauthorized Musical Parody of The Devil Wears Prada. Luckily, this time I had no car issues and arrived for the 8pm show nice and early. We grabbed a table near the stage, had a couple drinks and got ready to watch the show.


It. Was. SO. Fun. Seriously. It had all the best elements from the original film with an added dose of pop hits. For two hours were heard the tale of Phyllis Nefler and her Wilderness Girls with a variety of tunes from Cyndi Lauper, Madonna and more. The cast was fantastic, particularly the two leads Marla Mindelle and Christopher Youngsman.


Marla did Shelly Long proud with her portrayal of Phyllis and, man, does she have a set of pipes. She completely stopped the show with her rendition of I Will Always Love You.


Christopher Youngsman portrayed the villain, Velda Plendor, with equal parts vitriol and camp and kept the crowd in stitches. The supporting cast was also fantastic and kept us entertained the entire time.


(Bonus photobomb from Sally Struthers).

Oh, and did I mention the show is interactive?


Why yes, that is me getting a helpful does of Botox. Thank God I washed my hair that day!

The Unauthorized Parody of Troop Beverly Hills was such a fun night out and I can’t wait to see what the producers come up with next. It runs Saturday and Sunday (and the occasional Thursday) nights through September 10th and I highly recommend checking it out.


  1. SorryNotSorey July 18, 2016 at 11:53 pm

    Highly disagree – I saw the show and thought it royally sucked. Rockwell needs to start doing some original shows like they used to. All of these unauthorized shows are starting g to feel like old hat. And they use the same talent, same boring director, same music. Not the Rockwell I once loved to attend

    1. Tara Fortley July 19, 2016 at 5:31 pm

      Don’t know what anti-depressants this one stopped taking, but the shows at Rockwell get better and better. The director of the movie was there the night I went and he was running around telling everyone that this was better than the movie. Several of the actors from the film were also there and did the same. Some people are just exceptionally negative and find their special way of hating everything, but no one should be surprised by that. I’ll be going back again in a few weeks with another group of friends. đŸ™‚ Great show guys!

      1. SorryIAgree July 20, 2016 at 10:26 pm

        Yeah because the movie set such a high bar? Come on now, I also used to be a fan of Rockwell but find their latest shows pander to the lowest demographic of theatrè goers. Come get drunk and get a cheap laugh or thrill. They used to be smarter than that – From that Baz show to that Romeo Juliet show – they used to do good work. Now it’s all just cheap unauthorized silliness.

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