Wine Tasting at The Meat House

It’s funny how the world works. Once upon a time butcher shops were everywhere and it was the only way to purchase meat. Then came the supermarkets and everyone started buying their meat pre-packaged. Now, the butcher shop is back. It may not be as prolific as it once was but it’s increasingly becoming the go to option for many people. I like it.

One place that’s filling this role is The Meat House. It’s got a long counter chock full of all the meat, poultry, pork and fish one needs.

meat The Meat House The Meat House The Meat House

I recently visited the Mission Viejo location and was quite impressed by the selection. And there’s so much more than meat. There’s also a gourmet market where you can pick up snacks, cheeses, wine, and beer for your next shindig (or just for yourself!).

the meat house the meat house

On my visit I was treated to a complimentary food and wine tasting. And this wasn’t a one time thing. The Mission Viejo location regularly schedules tastings for the general public (just check out their facebook page).

the meat house

Our host was the genial Cinese who introduced us to the delicious Eponymous wine. We paired it with amazing cheeses, a delicious beef entree, and, of course, dessert. All of which were filled with ingredients found right there in the store.

the meat house the meat house

So yummy! The Meat House really is a one stop shop for all the delicious things in life.

The Meat House Mission Viejo

23982 Alicia Parkway

Mission Viejo, CA 92691

additional SoCal locations in Brea and Costa Mesa

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