Dining at Enzo’s Bistro & Bar in Rancho Mirage

Usually, when I head to the Coachella Valley for Modernism Week food is the last thing on my mind and I end up starved and desperately grabbing something from a drive-thru on my way home. Not good. But when I recently headed to the Modernism Week Fall Preview I decided to plan ahead and actually stop to eat. Luckily, I was invited to try out the brand new Enzo’s Bistro & Bar in Rancho Mirage and happily headed there for lunch.

Enzo’s Bistro is the brainchild of Robert and Nick Novello the father and son chef team. Devoted to Southern Italian cuisine and focusing on farm fresh and house-made ingredients this third Enzo’s location brings flavorful Italian fare to Rancho Mirage.

enzo's bistro bread

I arrived at Enzo’s on a beautiful Saturday and made sure to grab a table on their picturesque patio. All meals start with a serving of their homemade focaccia bread and it was a warm, toasty delight. I noshed on it as I perused the menu. With a wide range of options it was difficult to decide but I finally opted for the Bruschetta Flight for my appetizer.

The Bruschetta Flight features house made pizza skins and three different toppers – garbanzo roasted pepper and olive hummus, heirloom tomato garlic and basil and artichoke roasted garlic and fennel pollen tapenade. The heirloom tomato topping was to die for! The tomatoes tasted fresh off the vine and the garlic and basil brought out their delicious flavor. The artichoke roasted garlic was deliciously light and zesty and paired perfectly with the chewy, cheesy bread. The garbanzo roasted pepper was the only disappointment as it was a bit too salty for my taste.

I could have made a whole meal of the Bruschetta Flight but there was no way I was leaving without trying Enzo’s freshly made pasta so I ordered a dish of Pappardelle Bolognese. The pasta was perfectly al dente and the bolognese was a hearty sauce filled with a robust tomato flavor. Perfectly portioned it was a great lunchtime dish.

Although I was getting full there was no way I could skip desert and I opted for a slice of Tiramisu. I’m a huge fan of tiramisu and Enzo’s did not disappoint. Generously portioned it was sweet and creamy yet light and fluffy and was filled with flavor. It was a wonderfully sweet ending to my meal.

After neglecting my stomach for too long I’ve finally found the perfect lunch spot in Enzo’s Bistro & Bar. The food is delicious, the location is beautiful and the service is top notch. My server, Kelly, was absolutely wonderful and helped me choose the perfect options for my meal. Now, every time I’m in the Coachella Valley I know just where to dine and I can’t wait to return when I’m back for Modernism Week in February.


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