Enjoying Seasonal Offerings at Hard Rock Cafe

When I was kid all I wanted to do was visit the Hard Rock Cafe. When I finally went I was super excited and bought myself a pin to celebrate (a kickin’ drum kit in case you’re curious). As things go, the location near me closed and suddenly it was years since my last visit. […]

A Slight Case of Murder at Next Door Lounge

Awhile back I told you all about my visit to Next Door Lounge. A fun speakeasy in Hollywood it hosted the fun dance troupe LA Follies for a series of performances. Now, the lounge has something new up it’s sleeve – murder! (insert scream here) photo courtesy of Next Door Lounge The year is 1949. […]

Attending the 2015 TCM Classic Film Festival

Last year I attended my first TCM Classic Film Festival and it was a dream come true. Imagine my delight this year when I was invited back as a member of the media. TCM is the only television channel I have a real interest in and the annual festival is a wonderful celebration of the […]

October SoCal Events

I don’t usually write roundup posts but there’s lots of good stuff coming up this month so I thought I’d tell ya all about it! I am determined to be more focused on wellness. So what better place to start than the Hermosa Beach Health Fest this Saturday October 4? If you register ahead of […]

Scoring Concert Tickets on ScoreBig

Gather round folks while I tell you a story. One a upon a time this very gal use to hit up shows on a regular basis. Arcade Fire, Bob Dylan, Modest Mouse…no act would escape her grasp (except for Radiohead…dang, those tickets sell out fast!). But then she got older…a little wiser…and a whole lot […]

Attending the Turner Classic Movies Film Festival

Ever since the Turner Classic Movies Film Festival began I’ve wanted to attend. As an unabashed classic film fan (and avid TCM watcher) it sounded like something right up my alley. This year, I finally made it. I attended the 5th annual festival and it was everything I’d hoped it would be. The festival is […]

Having Dinner at Blue C Sushi Hollywood

One of my favorite intersections in LA is Sunset and Ivar. Amoeba Records on one corner and the Arclight on the other…it’s practically heaven for this music and film lover. Recently, Blue C Sushi invited me to come have dinner at their location here. Naturally, I headed right over! Blue C Sushi originated in Seattle […]

Viewing LA Follies at Next Door Lounge

Man, I love a good speakeasy. Some may say it’s a gimmick but I don’t care. Fun decor, delicious cocktails, a wink at the past…what’s not too love? (Aside from the prices, depression era they are not). Recently, I was invited to visit the Next Door Lounge in Hollywood to view the inaugural performance of […]

Having Fun at the Hollywood Wax Museum

Being a SoCal native I’m constantly trying to find unique things to do, things that are off the beaten path that tourists never know about. But sometimes it’s fun to embrace the obvious and check out the local tourist attractions. So recently I grabbed one of my best pals and headed to the Hollywood Wax […]

The Classic Movie Palaces of Hollywood

Next month I’m headed to the heart of Tinseltown to visit the Hollywood Wax Museum. Thinking about my excursion got me thinking about the town itself. One of my favorite things to do in Hollywood is to visit one of its major movie palaces and maybe catch a flick. The most famous theatre of them […]