An Adventure with the Smurfs at 60out Escape Rooms

When I was growing up, I was all about Saturday morning cartoons. My mom would wake me up, I would grab a bowl of cereal and plop down in front of the TV to watch a couple of hours of cartoons. Whether it was The Smurfs, the Snorks, the Getalong Gang or the Gummi Bears I watched them all. I have to admit, I still have a soft spot for my favorite cartoon pals. So, when 60out invited me to visit their newest Smurf themed escape room, I know I had to check it out.

60out the smurfs
image courtesy of 60out

Have you heard of 60out? They’re basically the king of SoCal escape rooms with over 20 different themed rooms in 5 locations throughout LA. Their latest location is at HHLA just off the 405 near LAX. Since that location just happens to be where the new Smurfs room is located, that’s where I headed one rainy Saturday morning.

60out escape room LA Explorer

Now, I’m no stranger to 60out. A few years ago, my friends and I visited the DTLA location to check out the Houdini room. We had such a fun time together that I invited those same friends to come along and have an adventure with the Smurfs.

smurfs escape room 60out
image courtesy of 60out

I’m not sure if you know this about the Smurfs, but they’re a little camera shy. Especially, when they’ve just had a run in with Gargamel. So, I couldn’t take any pictures of our adventure, but it was pretty epic.

We started in the Smurf’s village which had descended into chaos thanks to an unexpected visit from Gargamel. Not only did he stress the Smurfs out and ruin their preparation for a party, but he also kidnapped Papa Smurf! My friends and I only had one hour to fix the village, find Gargamel and rescue Papa Smurf in time for the party. It was quite the challenge but I’m happy to say we accomplished it with just 10 minutes to spare and happily witnessed a cheerful Smurf celebration.

Smurfs 60out escape room LA Explorer

Don’t let Grouchy Smurf fool you, they were all ecstatic that we saved Papa Smurf.

Going into our adventure, I wondered if we let childhood nostalgia get the best of us and would be taking on an easy challenge more suited for the toddler set. Not at all! Don’t get me wrong, the adventure is fun for both children and adults, but it is a challenge. There are multiple rooms filled with a range of unique puzzles that definitely required us to put on our thinking caps. One particular code game almost had me throw in the towel, but luckily, my friends figured it out when I was ready to give up.

60out escape room smurfs

image courtesy of 60out

The Smurfs 60out escape room is a cheerfully challenging way to spend an afternoon. When the world gets too dark and depressing, why not escape to Smurf Village for an hour and enjoy their happy world of mushroom houses, magic potions and whimsical songs? You can only find it at HHLA so check it out and have a smurftastic time!

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