Extreme Mammals Opens at Natural History Museum LA

I’m constantly amazed by the Natural History Museum. Not only do they have a fascinating array of permanent exhibits but they’re constantly evolving with a selection of innovative, high quality traveling exhibitions. This week found me back at Exposition Park to preview the latest – Extreme Mammals. Organized by the American Museum of Natural History […]

Earth Focus: Vanishing Coral Comes to KCET

There’s so many fascinating things to learn and discover on land that I often forget there’s an equally fascinating world underwater. Luckily, here in SoCal I’m never too far from the ocean and I have several opportunities to learn about its rich environment. Recently, I learned about the fascinating yet endangered world of coral reefs […]

Saying Goodbye to Big Thunder Ranch

I love Disneyland but sometimes I think it doesn’t love me back. Over the years more and more of my favorite pieces of the park disappear – Swiss Family Treehouse…Bear Country Jamboree…PeopleMover. Oh People Mover I miss you most of all. Recently, I discovered another one of my favorite attractions is not long for this […]

Visiting the Monterey Bay Aquarium

The Monterey Bay Aquarium is perhaps the most famous sight on the Monterey Bay Peninsula. Somehow in my previous trips to the area I failed to visit it and I was determined to not let that happen again. So one morning my sister and I headed out bright and early to spend the day at […]

Hiking the Thompson Creek Trail

In this new year I plan to have an increased focus on wellness on this blog. Don’t worry I’ll still write about my fair share of desserts and sedentary recommendations…I just plan on mixing them up a bit with posts that focus on healthier treats and activities. My goal is to get out more into […]

Shopping at Pussy & Pooch

Although she hasn’t guest posted in awhile my dog Bailey is still very much a part of my life. In fact, she’s sitting right next to me as I write this very post. Isn’t she the cutest? And since she’s my pups I do like to spoil her with treats and goodies. Recently, I happened […]

A Day at the Races at Santa Anita Park

Santa Anita Park had long been one of those places that I’d wanted to go to but somehow never visited. One reason was that I had never been to a horse race before and…well…I was curious. The other was that I’d long heard it was an Art Deco gem. Built in 1934 it still retained […]

A Bird In the Hand…Viewing Specimens at the Moore Laboratory of Zoology

I suppose I should insert a pun here but I don’t really feel like it. I’m just feeling too bird brained today. Hyuck, hyuck, hyuck. So, I don’t know if you heard, but last Saturday was Obscura Day. It’s a worldwide celebration of… well…obscurity. Basically anything that’s off the beaten path. It’s put together by […]