Sampling the Spring Menu at True Food Kitchen

Here in Southern California we have a wealth of restaurant options. I could eat out every night and it would take me years to repeat a location. As such, I don’t get to some of my favorite spots as much as I’d like to. Like True Food Kitchen. I truly love it but there are […]

October SoCal Events

I don’t usually write roundup posts but there’s lots of good stuff coming up this month so I thought I’d tell ya all about it! I am determined to be more focused on wellness. So what better place to start than the Hermosa Beach Health Fest this Saturday October 4? If you register ahead of […]

Visiting the Automobile Driving Museum

I would love to own a classic car. There was a real art form to car design in the past and I think they are truly works of art. But alas, it’s not in my budget. And I really like power steering. So, for now I just content myself by visiting car museums and drooling […]

Come Fly With Me – Visiting Flight Path Learning Center

When Frank Sinatra sang “Come fly with me” it meant something special. Fun, adventure, and, yes, maybe love was the destination. Now it just means frustration. Security checks, cramped seats, stale air, lost luggage…ugh. Come fly with you? No thanks. But even though those heady days in the clouds are long gone there is a […]