Visiting the Automobile Driving Museum

I would love to own a classic car. There was a real art form to car design in the past and I think they are truly works of art. But alas, it’s not in my budget. And I really like power steering. So, for now I just content myself by visiting car museums and drooling and, recently, I found one that just knocks my socks off.

The Automobile Driving Museum is located in an industrial area of El Segundo right near LAX. They have a huge collection of cars spanning the decades that are displayed beautifully and are in amazing condition. Just check out this car-a-palooza.

I told ya I loved classic cars!

I made sure to visit on a Sunday because that’s the day something special happens. The museum offers free rides! Each Sunday, three different cars are chosen and anyone visiting the museum can take a cruise.

On the day I visited the three cars were a 1930 Ford,

a 1941 Lincoln Continental,

and a 1937 Oldsmobile Sedan.

Clearly I had more fun taking pictures inside than out.

It was so incredibly fun. As you can see I just had to ride in all three cars. It’s not everyday that I get this sort of chance.

I had an amazing time at the Automobile Driving Museum and can’t wait to go back and take a ride in some more classic cars!

Automobile Driving Museum
610 Lairport Street
El Segundo, CA 90245
open Tues – Sun 10-4, car rides offered Sunday only
$5 suggested donation

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