Hitchcock in San Francisco with San Francisco City Guides

I am an unabashed Hitchcock fan. I love his movies: Psycho, Rebecca, Vertigo, To Catch a Thief…and don’t get me started on Spellbound! So when I heard there was a walking tour called Alfred Hitchcock’s San Francisco I knew I had to go.

Alfred Hitchcock’s San Francisco is offered by San Francisco City Guides, an awesome organization that offers over 50 free (free!) tours of the city.

No reservations were necessary so after breakfast at farm:table we headed on over to Huntington Park, our meeting point.

Soon there were about 40 other Hitchcock enthusiasts milling about ready for the tour to begin. Our guide was Robert Munzer who proved to be an amazing host. Just about the only thing Robert loved more than San Francisco was Hitchcock and we were expertly guided the entire time.

The tour runs through Nob Hill, the Tenderloin, and Union Square highlighting locations that were significant to Hitchcock on film and in real life.

Like the Pacific Union Club –

the Fairmont Hotel –

and The Brocklebank Apartments:

If you’ve seen Vertigo these images probably seem eerily familiar.

The tour was so informative and fun. I never realized how much of Vertigo was shot on location and how much Hitchcock loved the town. It was an incredible experience that was the perfect capper to our awesome vacation.

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