It’s Greek to Me – Enjoying Ben and Jerry’s Greek Frozen Yogurt

Sometimes being a blogger is just the coolest. Since starting this lil ole blog I’ve been given access to quite a few things that were unavailable to me as an ordinary Jane. Take last week for instance…

I was invited to visit Ben and Jerry’s to sample their new Greek Frozen Yogurt. Now this wasn’t an invitation to go to a scoop shop and buy myself a cone. No, this was the chance to go and sample all the new flavors on Ben and Jerry’s dime. Seriously, isn’t that the coolest? I mean, who doesn’t like Ben and Jerry’s?

Well, I certainly am a fan so I made my way over to the scoop shop pronto so the sampling could begin. And did it ever! As soon as I was in the door I was given a bowl with filled with scoops of three different flavors – Raspberry Fudge Chunk, Peanut Butter Banana, and Blueberry Vanilla Graham. Whoo boy! Where to begin?

The Raspberry Fudge Chunk – a raspberry yogurt filled with monster chunks of dark chocolate – was pretty tasty but had a sandy texture I didn’t love. The Peanut Butter Banana – banana yogurt with ripples of peanut butter throughout – was very, very peanut buttery. If ya love PB you’ll love this. I’m not a huge fan so I liked it but it wouldn’t be my favorite. The Blueberry Vanilla Graham – blueberry and vanilla yogurt with graham cracker swirled about – was hands down the best one. So creamy, so fruity, so, so delicious!

Now, having those samples would have been enough, but wait! There was more! I was given a bowl full of Vanilla Greek Yogurt and a variety of mix ins (fruit, nuts, chocolate, etc.) and was told to make my own flavor. Make my own flavor of Ben and Jerry’s! Awesome!

But, before we started creating we did sample the vanilla without any mix ins. Mm, mm, mm. Now, I am not generally a fan of vanilla. Boring! I usually say. But, this was so creamy and so tasty that I just loved it. I almost didn’t want to add any mix ins. Luckily, that feeling didn’t last long.

Soon, I was swirling nutella and dark chocolate chips in my yogurt and adding a macadamia nut here and there. Yummedy, yummedy, yum.

Unfortunately, without thinking I downed the whole bowl bringing my total scoop count up to six. I ate six scoops of frozen yogurt! Crazy, right? But it was so good….

And luckily you can try it to. Ben and Jerry’s Greek Frozen Yogurt is already in stores (and the Scoop Shops). And if ya find the pints on sale, that’ll be a pretty good deal.

Oh, and fyi, Vanilla is only available in the Scoop Shops.

full disclosure: I was given the above samples to try and I did receive a coupon for a free pint. All opinions are my own.

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