Paws Up For Peters Canyon

Why Hello again? Long time no see. I’m so happy that Melanie is letting me guest post again cus I’ve got another great park to recommend to y’all…Peters Canyon.
Peters Canyon is a regional park that straddles the cities of Tustin and Orange in Orange County. It’s super big and chock full of nature trails just ripe for an explorer like me. Melanie and I have had many adventures there trying out the different trails. Here’s a glimpse at some of them –
As you can see I’m not camera shy.
We’ve been through shaded trails and sunny trails, flat trails and hilly trails, easy trails and really, really hard trails (you know the kind that set you panting and make your tongue hang out of your mouth). Every time we go there’s always a new adventure. I just love it!
And it’s people friendly, dog friendly, bike friendly, heck, even horse friendly! I’m always meeting new folks there (love the bicyclists, not so fond of the other dogs). And it’s even got some nice views.
I can’t wait to go back!
8548 East Canyon View
Orange, CA 92869
*hint* the Tustin side is better. Park along alone Peters Canyon Road, walk a bit, and you’ll see the entrance

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