Shopping at Savory Spice Shop

Where would we be without spices? Living in a bland, bland world I’m sure. But luckily, there’s plenty to go around. And I’m pretty sure most of them are found at Savory Spice Shop.

Savory Spice Shop

Savory Spice Shop is located in the fabulous OC Mix. As you know, it’s one of my favorite spots to visit . I can grab an iced tea, a spot of cheese, and any spice that I may need. At Savory you’ll find rubs, chilies, sugars, herbs, curries, cocoas…I could go on and on and on. And what’s fabulous is that there’s a variety of sizes to choose from. Not sure if your going to like it? Grab a 1oz packet and try it out. Already love it? Grab it in bulk.

IMG_4305 (800x600)

And if you’re looking for a hard to find spice, chances are they’ve probably got it. Recently, I discovered a delicious Turkish spice called urfa which, of course, they carry.

And don’t get my started on their sugars. I’m currently loving the vanilla bean peppermint for my tea. In fact, I think I’ll have a cuppa right now.

Savory Spice Shop at The OC Mix

3313 Hyland Ave.

Costa Mesa, CA 92626


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