Taking The Gamble House “Upstairs-Downstairs” Tour

The Gamble House has long been a favorite of mine. This perfectly preserved Arts and Crafts gem in the heart of Pasadena is one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited and I consider it one of the “must see” sites in the Los Angeles area.

Recently I was informed that the home would be offering a limited run “Upstairs-Downstairs” tour offering access to areas previously off limits. I knew there was no way I could miss it so I headed to Pasadena today to check it out.

We entered the home through the servants entrance. The Gamble House had only two full time servants who were treated well by the standards of the day. Their entrance swings by a small dining area…

and into the beautiful sun-filled kitchen.

There are so many elements of this room that I love. From the stove

to the intercom system

to the community cookbook featuring a recipe from Mrs. Gamble.

 Speaking of the Gambles…they are the Gambles of Proctor & Gamble.

They hired the famed architects Greene and Greene to design and build the house in 1908. It remained in the family until 1966 when it was deeded to the City of Pasadena and USC School of Architecture.

USC operates the house and every year two lucky architecture students are invited to live there.  They occupy the two servants rooms on the second floor.

The rooms are relatively small but retain the fine craftsmanship found throughout the rest of the home. I want to enroll in the School of Architecture just so I can have a chance to live here.

The servants quarters are on the same floor as the family’s although they are not as well appointed.

Like the Lanterman House in La Canada Flintridge, The Gamble House also contains sleeping porches. These porches are located off the bedrooms and are where the family would sleep during the summer.

So lovely.

The “Upstairs-Downstairs” tour is not to be missed. It offers a fascinating glimpse into life at the turn of the last century and showcases the Arts and Crafts movement in all it’s glory.

Beautiful. Just beautiful.

The “Upstairs-Downstairs” tour runs until Sunday, August 18th. Admission is $20 (free for children 12 and under). Tour times are Tuesdays 12:15 and 12:45 and Thursday thru Sunday every half hour from 11-3.

The Gamble House
4 Westmoreland Place
Pasadena, CA 91103

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