Taking a Tea Class at Seventh Tea Bar

Now, I’ve already written about Seventh Tea Bar on this blog before. They’ve got delicious teas and goodies to enjoy. Well, recently they’ve added something new to the menu – tea classes.

seventh tea bar

Since I’m a self diagnosed tea-aholic I made sure to sign up for Tea 101 hosted by Russell, the manager of Seventh Tea Bar. The 1 hour class was held in the dining area and thoroughly explored the history of tea. Russell is a true tea expert and taught us all about the various varieties of tea.

For instance, here’s a fun bit of trivia for you – all true tea is derived from the same plant. Yup, black, green, oolong and white all come from the Camellia sinesis. The difference comes in the processing. Pretty interesting, huh? And you may have noticed that herbal tea is missing from the list. That’s because it’s not tea; it’s actually tisane.


While we learned all about the different teas we passed around tins of them so that we could see, smell, and feel the differences. Once I had learned that they were all derived from the same plant it was interesting to experience their differences. I already loved tea…now I’m truly fascinated by it!

And what’s a class without tasting? At the end we were offered our choice of drink from the menu. It was such a fun afternoon that I know I’ll soon be back for a different class exploring all the wonders of tea.


Seventh Tea Bar at The OC Mix

3313 Hyland Avenue

Costa Mesa, CA 92626

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