Visiting Healdsburg – A Food and Wine Hotspot

Disclosure: Discounts and comps were received throughout the Sonoma Valley road trip. All opinions are my own.

road tripWhen planning my trip to the Sonoma Valley there were certain places I knew I had to visit – Sonoma, Petaluma and (of course) Guerneville. One spot that didn’t immediately come to mind was Healdsburg. I was completely unfamiliar with the town and figured, if anything, it would be a stop on a future trip. Enter Wine Country Walking Tours. They contacted me and offered my family and I spots on the Healdsburg Wine and Gourmet Food Lovers tour. Suddenly, Healdsburg became a must visit stop.

On the day of the tour we were greeted by our friendly host, Harold, who gave us a short introduction to the food and wine scene of Healdsburg. Soon we were on our way. The tour included stops at tasting rooms, a candy counter, and a tea shop. At every stop we were indulged with delicious bites and wine. Lots and lots of wine.

Healdsburg wine tour Healdsburg wine Healdsburg food tour Healdsburg Wine Healdsburg Tea

Now, I don’t want to give away the entire tour. You’ll just have to experience it yourself! But, I will give you a little tease…


Portalupi was my very favorite stop on the tour. At this tasting room we met the winemaker and learned all about his vineyards – all while enjoying generous servings of his wine and local meats and cheese.


Portalupi meat and cheese

The wine was quite enjoyable and the meats and cheese? Oh the meats and cheese! Some of the sausage had been handmade by the winemaker and the cheese was local, too. They were amazing! I could have eaten that whole platter. Seriously. And I loved the presentation of the wine.


Milk bottles! Ok. Not all the wine is sold in milk bottles but there is a red blend and a white blend served this way. It’s an homage to the the winemaker’s grandmother who served her homemade blend this way. We, of course, got to try it. I, of course, loved it. It, of course, came home with me.

That’s an added bonus. At each location we had an opportunity to purchase items with a special tour discount. And the tour guide acted as a sherpa (his words) and carried it all for us. Now that’s service! And speaking of our guide, Harold. What a delight! Friendly, helpful, knowledgeable…exactly what one needs in a tour guide. He made the tour fun and enjoyable and helped us to fall in love with Healdsburg.

Wine Country Walking Tours

After the tour, we couldn’t help but explore the town a bit longer and discovered even more culinary delights. Located on the town square is Noble Folk Ice Cream and Pie Bar. Now, you know I can’t pass by an ice cream shop without stopping in.

noble folkNoble Ice cream

Whoa Nelly! Noble, you are an ice cream making genius! I went for the Swiss Chocolate and Cornflake + Maple in a homemade chocolate cup. Every bite was amazingly delicious. Good thing I don’t live near Healdsburg or I’d be here every day.

Just off the square is another must stop, Shed. Shed is a farm store, a market, a coffee bar, a mill, a restaurant and then some.


It’s the kind of place where you just want to by everything. Case in point – the cleaning section.


Never have I had a stronger desire to buy cleaning supplies. I want all the brushes! But, I managed to be good and just get a latte. It was so yummy I didn’t even stop to take a pic but I did managed to grab a few more shots of the interior.

IMG_6477 (800x800) IMG_6472 (800x600) IMG_6473 (800x600)

Healdsburg, you are the answer to all my culinary dreams.

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