Back To Basics – A Visit to DownEast Basics

So you all know I like to save money. But I have to admit that sometimes it’s hard when it comes to clothing. I’m not gonna lie – I like nice stuff. Now, I’m not talking about designer duds or anything but I do love me some Banana Republic and Anthropologie. Aside from the clearance rack, I’m not going to find any bargains at either place.

Well, I’m happy to tell you that I found a shop that sells cute clothing at great prices – DownEast Basics.

Have you ever heard of it? To tell you the truth, I never had until last week. I checked out the only SoCal location at the Irvine Spectrum and was smitten with what I found. Lots and lots of cute clothes at inexpensive prices. Seriously. Much of their clothing is priced in the $20-30 range (with some a little lower, some a little higher) and they’ve got a great variety of colorful basics. Plus, they sell accessories and girl’s clothing.

I was enamored with much of the stuff and grabbed a mountain to try on. I came away with a cute top for $24.99 and a dress for what I thought was $19.99. When I checked out, I learned it was only $7. $7! For a dress! What a score!

And since I’m so proud of my super bargain I’m going to show you what it looks like. On me. Yes folks, this is a first. I’m actually going to model something for you.

Pretty nice huh?

In SoCal, the only DownEast Basics location is the Irvine Spectrum. There are other locations throughout the Western States and they also have an online store.

full disclosure: I was invited to a party at DownEast Basics and was given a $25 gift card. All opinions are my own.


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