Celebrating Ceramics – Visiting the Museum of Ceramic Art

Recently I completed a tour celebrating the works of Millard Sheets (designer of the Home Savings mosaics, “Touchdown Jesus” and much more) and one of the stops happened to be the American Museum of Ceramic Art. Now, I had heard about this museum but had never visited as I am rarely in its neck of the woods – Pomona. So, I was super excited for the chance to check it out.

Formerly the home of a savings and loan the museum houses a lovely mural depicting the history of the Pomona Valley. This mural was designed by Mr. Sheets and executed by his studio, hence the museum’s spot on the tour.

but two parts of a very long (78 feet!) mural

But, I’m not here to talk about the building or the mural. So, let’s talk ceramics. The exhibit area is a large, open space that displays several works of art. Now, before I visited when I thought of ceramics I thought of vases and bowls. So that’s pretty much what I expected to see. Boy was I wrong! There are all sorts of ceramics – sculptures, lamps, mosaics, and on and on. The artwork was so varied that I kept seeing more and more that I simply loved. I could not stop snapping pics –

See what I mean? And not a vase to be had!

I was so impressed by this little museum. The artwork was beautiful, the building was lovingly restored and the gift shop was pretty awesome also. Tons of ceramics by local artisans were for sale; there was so much I liked that I couldn’t help but pick up a piece.

And admission is only $5. You know I love that.

American Museum of Ceramic Art (AMOCA)
399 N. Garey Avenue
Pomona, CA 91767
open Wed – Sat 12-5pm, 2nd Sat 12-9pm

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