A City Like No Other – Viewing Metropolis II at LACMA

Remember Hot Wheels and Micro Machines and all those other race car toys? I loved them when I was a kid and was always hoping for the latest and greatest loop de loop racetrack on the market. Well, recently I made a visit to LACMA to find my wildest race car dreams come true. I saw the exhibit Metropolis II.

Metropolis II is a mini city filled with skyscrapers and landmarks and trains and highways and lots and lots of whizzing toy cars. It is a magical site to behold. Joining the crowds massing around the sculpture I was filled with glee. I felt like a kid again as I stared completely enraptured by the wonder before me. I walked around the sculpture gazing at all the details. I went to the landing above to see a birds eye view. I walked around again, taking it all in.

It is such a fun, fun, fun site that I encourage any and all to see it. And if you go on the second Tuesday of the month, admission is free!

Oh, and to give credit where credit is due

at the corner of Wilshire and Fairfax
Los Angeles, CA
Mon, Tues, Thurs 12-8pm
Fri 12-9pm, Sat & Sun 11am-8pm
closed Wednesdays

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