A College Oasis – Strolling Through Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden

I attended Cal State Long Beach for over two years. When going to class, I would always park across from the Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden and every time I would think “today I am going to go inside those gates and visit the garden.” But I never did (cue sad Ahhhs).

Now flash forward 6 years and guess what! I went to the garden! (cue cheers). And honestly, why didn’t I do it sooner. Just look at what I was missing.

Isn’t it lovely? And it was the perfect day to visit. The sun was bright but the weather was mild. There were few people but tons of butterflies. And you know how college campuses can be noisy and bustling with activity? Once you step beyond the gates, nothing but tranquility. A true oasis.

The pond is stocked with koi fish and as an added bonus you can buy fish food for 25 cents. Of course I had to take advantage of this and sparked a feeding frenzy.

Check out the top photo, some of those things are not like the others! Yup, the pond housed a family of ducks – mom, dad, and three ducklings (cue happy Ahhs). I managed to snag a portrait of one of the little guys.

He’s so cute I wanted to just scoop him up and put him in my pocket (don’t worry, I didn’t).
So check out the Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden, for a bit of tranquility amidst all the hustle and bustle that is life in Southern California.

Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden
located on the Cal State Long Beach campus
Long Beach, CA
open Tues-Fri 8-3:30, Sunday 12-4
admission free!
park in Lot 16 at meters facing garden ($1/hr)

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