Dining With Skinnypasta™ at The Line Hotel

Since The Line Hotel’s opening last year it’s become one of the most buzzed about spots in LA. With industrial chic design and a menu by Roy Choi it’s become the destination for visitors and locals alike. A few months ago I stopped by for a quick bite from Cafe and had a most delicious breakfast pizza. So when I received an invite from skinnypasta to head down to The Line and enjoy a meal created by Choi I didn’t hesitate to RSVP.

The Line Hotel

The dinner took place in a private spot on the balcony which offered unique views of Koreatown at twilight. After a cocktail period we were seated for a multi-course meal featuring the new line of skinnypasta.

Skinny Pasta

Skinnypasta comes from Canada and is starting to make it’s debut in LA (you can find it at Pink Dot or the skinnypasta truck). There are two varieties available – Superfood and High Protein. Superfood is made with teff – an ancient grain that is gluten free and high protein. For the dinner we enjoyed it tossed in olive oil with roasted garlic and chili pepper flakes. The High Protein is all natural and non GMO. It’s also high in protein and fiber yet low in calories and carbs. At the meal it was served in a Pesto Fava Bean Mushroom Sauce. So, so tasty.

The dinner was lovely and the pasta flavorful but I wondered how it would translate to home cooking. Let me tell you, I’m no Roy Choi. We were given a couple of boxes to take home and shortly after I decided to make dinner with it. The pasta is fresh (not dried) and cooks in no time flat. I decided to keep it easy and added a jar of creamy vodka sauce and some leftover rotisserie chicken.

Skinny Pasta

The pasta pared well with the sauce and chicken and made a hearty meal. My entire family enjoyed it and it was scooped up lickety split. It’s a healthy alternative to traditional pasta and I looked forward to seeing it carried at more LA locations in the future.

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