I’d Buy that for 20 Cents!

And in the case of the above photo, I did! Yup, 20 cents was my grand total when I purchased two magazines and a hand soap at CVS. So how’d I do it? It’s a secret. What? You want to know? You insist on knowing? No, no, I couldn’t, I simply couldn’t. Oh all right, you wore me down.

Soooo…you’ve probably heard about the ExtraCare rewards program. It’s the CVS membership program that offers discounts on merchandise and ExtraBucks (redeemable like cash at CVS). What you may not have heard of is the CVS Advisor Panel. This is essentially the CVS market research panel. When you sign up, CVS will occasionally e-mail surveys regarding your experience with their stores, pharmacies, etc. As an incentive, a completed survey will merit a reward in the form of ExtraBucks. Now you may not think it is worth your time, but these are no piddly amounts. The last survey, I took was about their Sunday circular. For about 10 minutes of my time, they gave me a $10 ExtraBuck. They essentially paid me $10 for taking the survey. Pretty good, huh? And don’t think it’s a fluke, this is a typical reward amount. I’ve gotten as much as $15 per survey. Even when I haven’t qualified (as will occasionally happen if you don’t fit into the group their looking for), I’ll still get a few bucks. To me, that’s a win win.

Now for a serious questions, when did magazines get so darn expensive? Seriously! Thanks to that, the $10 reward alone only covered the two magazines. So, then how’d I get the soap as well? Guess what? CVS has a third rewards program. This one is the CVS ExtraCare Beauty Club. It basically offers extra incentives for purchasing beauty products – 10% off when you first sign up, $3 in ExtraBucks on your birthday, and $5 in ExtraBucks for every $50 you spend. And what’s awesome, is that you can link it to your existing ExtraCare account. So, no need for additional plastic to fill up your wallet. And, don’t feel left out men! Beauty products include hair care, sunscreen, moisturizer, etc.

Now, of course, the CVS Beauty Club has a facebook page (like a certain blog I know!). So, when I liked it, I was able to print out a coupon for a free hand soap. Pretty awesome!

Unfortunately, the free hand soap coupon is no longer available, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be more coupons in the future. So definitely, sign up for the CVS programs and let the rewards start rolling in!

Sign up for CVS ExtraCare at your local store.
Sign up for the CVS Beauty Club here!
Sign up for the CVS Advisor Panel here!

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