Moovelous Mother Moo Creamery Ice Cream

So yesterday I told y’all about a great pizza spot. Well, today it’s all about dessert – ice cream to be exact. A couple of weeks ago I was in Pasadena and tried a sample of Mother Moo Creamery Ice Cream. It was so delicious that when the proprietor told me she had a storefront in Sierra Madre I knew I had to stop by. Luckily, this week I happened to be in the area so I did just that.

A word on Sierra Madre first. Have you ever been there? It is one of the cutest towns I’ve ever seen. Tree lined streets, historic homes, and a downtown that’s straight out of Mayberry. I want to live there.

Mother Moo Creamery happens to have a storefront on the main drag. Perfect. When we stopped in on Sunday evening the place was jumping. There were quite a few homemade flavors to choose from so I opted for milk chocolate and cucumber mint and my sister chose milk chocolate and graham cracker.

 That generous two scoop portion was a mere $3.50. Not too shabby. And it is DELICIOUS! The milk chocolate is super creamy and the cucumber mint is so refreshing. This is the second place I’ve had cucumber ice cream (well, sorbet) and I’m loving it. Why hasn’t this been thought of before? Luckily, Mother Moo Creamery is here to pick up the slack.

Mother Moo Creamery
17 Kersting Court
Sierra Madre, CA  91204
open Mon-Thurs 12-9, Fri 12-10, Sat 11-10, Sun 12-9

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