On the Case at Wilson and Wilson Detective Agency

If you’re walking down Post Street in the heart of the Tenderloin and you spot a tinted window labeled Wilson and Wilson Detective Agency don’t expect to run into any P.I.’s. Because once you knock on the door and give the password you’ll find that it’s not the office of a gumshoe but a bar hiding in plain sight.

Wilson and Wilson is adjacent to the popular Bourbon and Branch and is actually accessed through that establishment. We had to make a reservation ahead of time and were only given an hour and half to stay (although nobody collected us when our time was up). It was all very hush hush and pretty fun.

When we arrived in the bar we were given our case file (i.e. menu).

There’s plenty of drinks to choose from and we sampled a few.

Like the Black Magic

and the Red Scarab

and the Charlie Chan.
My terrible photos may not impress but the drinks were fantastic. Top shelf liquor, unique combination of ingredients, and oh so tasty. And the bartender’s were knowledgeable and helpful. Always a plus.

We went on our first night in the city and it was the best way to start our weekend. I cannot wait to go back.

Wilson and Wilson 
505 Jones Street
San Francisco, CA 94102

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