In Which I Suggest a Vist to a Fast Food Restaurant – Visiting the Oldest Standing McDonald’s

Yup, you heard right. I’ma gonna recommend a visit to a fast food restaurant. And not any one at that. This happens to be a branch of the biggest fast food empire of them all. Yes, I am suggesting you visit McDonald’s.

Now, before you throw down your mice in disgust hear me out. I’m not suggesting you visit any old McDonald’s. I’m recommending a visit to a McDonald’s like no other…the oldest one in operation which happens to be located on good old Lakewood Boulevard in the heart of Downey.

Isn’t it so cute! Now this isn’t the first McDonald’s restaurant ever (it’s actually the 3rd) but it’s the oldest one still in existence dating back to the grand old year of 1953. And like Johnie’s/Bob’s Big Boy Broiler it too had it’s share of struggles. It was closed in 1994 due to (according to Wikipedia) lack of sales, no drive thru or indoor seating and damage from the Northridge quake. But through the aid of preservationists the restaurant was saved and restored.

Also, like the Broiler, ya can’t miss it. Driving down the street this sign will greet you from afar.

Ginormous! See those cars next to it? Ants I tell ya! Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating. Anyway…it’s a pretty unique place. Not only does it have the old fashioned appeal, it’s also the only McDonald’s I know where you order at a walk up window. No drive through, no play area…although there is indoor seating in a newer structure next door. And what would that structure be? Why a museum of course!

It’s a small space filled with Mickey D’s memorabilia and a recreation of Ray Kroc’s office. It’s not the greatest museum I’ve seen but that’s not really the point. I mean how many fast food restaurants have a free museum attached? That in itself is a reason to visit.

But you say you don’t like McDonald’s? Well, I’m not such a fan myself. So, when I visited I simply grabbed a coffee. It’s worth it for a visit to this pop culture icon.

So head on down to the oldest McDonald’s for a glimpse of the humble beginnings of this fast food behemoth.

Speedee McDonald’s
10207 Lakewood Blvd. (at Florence)
Downey, CA 90241
open 7am – 10pm Sun-Thu, 7am – 11pm Fri & Sat

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