Reading “Uninvited: Confessions of a Hollywood Party Crasher”

Thanks to to this blog I’ve been lucky enough to be invited to attend several exclusive events yet every time I check in I start to get a bit nervous and think, “Did they get my RSVP? Am I on the list? Was this all a big mistake?” So far I’ve never had an issue and have enjoyed several fun occasions. I’ve also assumed that everyone else attending was invited, too. But what if they weren’t? What if there’s a regular group of party crashers that hit up all the events in town. Well, there is and I got all the scoop when I read Adrian Maher’s book Uninvited: Confessions of a Hollywood Party Crasher.

confessions of a Hollywood party crasher

Adrian Maher is a former LA Times reporter and freelance journalist who currently writes, directs and produces documentary programs for such networks as Discovery, History and Travel. He’s also an unofficial party crasher who has made his way into a range of exclusive events from a simple art opening to an invite-only party at Arnold Schwarzenegger’s house. But how did he do it?

Maher’s reporter gig gained him access into various events and as he made the rounds he began to notice the same figure at every one. Curious, he struck up a conversation and discovered his acquaintance was a key figure in the LA party crashing circuit. Through him he learned the tricks of the trade and, after a series of unfortunate personal events, decided to dive headlong into the world of party crashing.

Uninvited, Maher’s first memoir, acts as an insider’s guide to the LA party scene – albeit one told by someone who really wasn’t supposed to be there. But that’s what makes it so fun! Haven’t we all dreamed of attending awards shows, collecting swag bags and hobnobbing with celebrities? Maher shares just how he did it along with several fun anecdotes about the world of the rich and famous.  As I read of Marher’s adventures I was at times amused and at times horrified but I was always entertained. When it comes to underground worlds the party crasher network is certainly one of the most entertaining and throughout Uninvited you’ll meet an eclectic cast of characters you won’t soon forget.

Uninvited: Confessions of a Party Crasher is a fun romp through the highs and lows of LA’s society scene and is a perfect read for when you just want to sit back and have a good laugh. For me it was an interesting perspective into the events I attend for this blog. From now on instead of worrying if I’m on the list I’m going to wonder which attendees weren’t and made it inside anyway.

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