Shopping at The Library Store on Wheels

So yesterday I told you all about the inaugural Downtown Flea. Well, there was one vendor that I left out. It was no accident…I loved this vendor so much that I felt it deserved it’s own post.

library store on wheels

It’s The Library Store on Wheels!

Did you know that the main branch of the LA Library has a store? It’s one of my favorite places to shop and I’m scratching my head at why I’ve never written about it before. But anyway, recently they decided to go mobile and bring the shop to those who may not be able to get to the main branch. I’d been dying to check it out so I was super excited when I spotted it at the Downtown Flea.

So let’s listen to the sign and head inside.

library store on wheels

I want all the things. Seriously, I could have dropped so much cash here. I’m crazy about anything book related and they had so much awesome stuff. I almost pulled an Orville Jackson, “I’ll take that one and that one and that one…” When I win the lottery you know where you can find me. Just hand me the keys and I’ll be in book heaven!

Be sure to follow them on Twitter to see where they’ll be next!

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