Spotlight on Plush Vamp

local spotlightA few weeks ago I was at the Downtown Anaheim Art Crawl Experience. Side note: Have you been to Downtown Anaheim lately? Yowza. It’s turning into something pretty special with cool independent shops, restaurants, and the like. Anywho…so I was at the Art Crawl checking out the booths when I came across one that I instantly fell in love with – Plush Vamp.

So what or…er…who is Plush Vamp? Well, it’s this guy.

plush vamp

The one, the only Count Fasttrakula. You see, he’s one of the stars of the book Your Guide to Spotting and Outing Bloodsuckers at Work – a handy dandy book for anyone in the workforce.

plush vamp

I met the author, Rita Harris, at the booth and she told me the book grew out of a game of coming up with vampire puns. Turns out, there’s a lot of them and a number are compiled in this book. I was instantly smitten with booth the book and the count and snatched up one of each.

The book is hilarious and filled with the cute illustrations of Heather Harwood. And the count? Well, as you can see from the first photo, he’s become my new carpool buddy.

You an purchase the book and plush here. And be sure to check out the blog for a glimpse into the count’s travels!

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