Strolling Down a Secret Path in Seal Beach

Hi guys! I’m back! Did ya miss me?

What am I saying? Of course you did! I’m Bailey!

All joking aside, have I got a great place for you today. So, a couple of weeks ago Melanie and I headed to the park. We were driving down a busy road I’d never been on before and I thought “surely there’s no park here!” Because, seriously, it was a busy street – lots of businesses and even a naval base but no open land with trails and trees and bushes and stuff. But then we came upon this teeny sign –

Okayyyyy, so we turned right and came upon this.

This doesn’t look like a park to me…for a second I got kind of nervous. Maybe she only said we were going to the park so she could get me in the car. Maybe we’re going somewhere else. Maybe we’re going to the VET!

That didn’t last too long. I may not be human but I know houses when I see them. But I was still confused…until we turned left.

Okay, a parking lot with a little bit of dirt at the end. Looks like the beginning of a trail. Maybe this is a park after all.

It is!

So we started to stroll down and soon came upon a fork in the trail. We went right and soon were traveling down a nicely maintained path that had a lot of these rocks.

Turns out this path is called the Hellman Ranch Trail and it contains the Heron Point Cultural Education Center. So all along the tail you’ll find these rocks that have Native American words on them and a bunch of signs teaching about the history of the area and it’s indigenous inhabitants.

And as you keep following the trail you’ll come upon this.

I’m thinking that’s where school kids sit and learn about stuff. Wouldn’t know. Never been to school myself.

At this point we decided to turn around and head back up the trail. When we came upon the fork in the road we decided to try the path on the left. Wow! This led us someplace complete different.

So this is Gum Grove Park!

It’s a pretty neat place, too. There’s a hilly, windy trail that travels through the groves of trees and it’s nice and shady, even on a hot day. I had a lot of fun exploring this place. And I even found a hidden treasure!

Isn’t it so pretty! Thanks to my super sniffer I was able to locate it amongst all the leaves and branches that covered the ground. I just love flowers, don’t you?

So, Melanie was right. There was a park here and a pretty nice one at that! In fact, I liked it so much that I went back this morning!

Gum Grove Park and Heron Point Cultural Education Center
Seal Beach, CA
for easiest access take Seal Beach Boulevard toward the ocean
Make a right on Forrestal toward the Heron Point neighborhood
free parking is available to the left

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  1. Mary Lansing July 18, 2016 at 6:47 pm

    Hi Bailey! I am actually headed to Seal Beach today and want to check this spot out now! Thanks 🙂

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