Touring The United Artists Theatre

When it comes to movie theatres they just don’t make them like they used to. Nowadays if we have stadium seating, movable armrests, and leather seats we think we’re in the lap of luxury. While I admit, I do enjoy these amenities there’s nothing special about the theatre itself. A dark square that’s the epitome of minimalism is the usual presentation. But it wasn’t always like this. Oh no. At one point movie theatres were places of architectural delight. Grandiosity and opulence were the standard of the day. In fact they weren’t even called movie theatres…they were movie palaces. And few were more palatial than The United Artists Theatre (now The Theatre at Ace Hotel).

the United Artists Theatre

I love touring the historic movie palaces and The United Artists Theatre had long been on my list of must sees. The only problem was that it was practically impossible to visit. For years it was the home of the ministries of Dr. Gene Scott and was closed off to the general public. But a few years ago the church moved out and the building was sold. It now houses the ultra trendy Ace Hotel and the theatre is now being used as a venue for live shows. Recently, the Los Angeles Historic Theatre Foundation held a tour of the theatre and I made sure to go. My years of wait were worth it…it is simply incredible. So without further ado, here’s a pictoral glimpse into The United Artists Theatre.

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Isn’t it simply incredible? It makes me so happy that this movie palace is returning to life and that new generations can come and see how beautiful it is.

The United Artists Theatre (The Theatre at Ace Hotel)

929 S. Broadway

Los Angeles, CA 90015


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