Visiting El Encanto in Monterey Park

As much as I love the areas that make SoCal famous (the beaches, Disneyland, Hollywood, etc.) I love it’s hidden gems even more. Take El Encanto in Monterey Park. I’ve driven down busy Atlantic Blvd. multiple times and never once have I noticed this beautiful site.

El Encanto

Luckily, last week the awesome LAVA group held an informal tour of the property and the related Cascades.


El Encanto and the Cascades were built in the 1920’s and were to be the showcase of a development called Midwick View Estates – a high end neighborhood to rival Beverly Hills and the like.

Midwick View Estates

Unfortunately, the stock market crashed and Midwick View Estates never came to be. But El Encanto and the Cascades remain and are beautiful sites for all to see.

El Encanto

El Encanto is in wonderful condition and has an impressive array of California tile. Historian Brian Kaiser was on hand to teach us all about this amazing design form.

El Encanto tile IMG_5326 (800x600) tile tile tile

So incredibly beautiful and all made here in Southern California.

In addition to the beautiful tile within the patio area was also a sight to see. It was a lovely sunny day and the flowers were in bloom. Ah heaven!

garden el encanto el encanto

What a gem! Boy am I glad I visited.


El Encanto

700 El Mercado Avenue

Monterey Park, CA 91754


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