Wine and Dine at Ponte Family Estate

Ah, Labor Day. How much I look forward to you and how quickly you pass. But it was fun while it lasted, wasn’t it?

Ponte Family Estate

This year, I decided to take a day trip and head on out to Temecula for some wine tasting with friends. It had been YEARS since I last visited. Wait…does Pechanga count? No…right? Anyway, that was just for a concert (Harry Connick Jr. I love you!) and it was dark out so I didn’t see anything anyway.  As I was saying, the last time I visited I couldn’t even legally drink and now that milestone is long passed. So it was time for some wine!


We decided to hit up Ponte Family Estate on a recommendation and we were sure glad we did. For $20 we were able to get six wine tastings.  They have quite an extensive menu so we sampled a bit of everything  – a little red here, a little white there, some rose, a bit of the bubbly…oh hello dessert wine. They were all quite tasty and before we knew it it was time to eat. Luckily, the vineyard had a lovely al fresco restaurant just waiting for us.

Ponte Family Estate

It was such the perfect setting for a summer lunch. And what a tasty lunch it was!

bread mediterranean wrap cocnut cake

Complimentary bread, a Mediterranean wrap, and coconut cake…mm mm mm.

Good wine, good food, good friends…what better way to spend a holiday?


Ponte Family Estate

35053 Rancho California Road

Temecula, CA 92591


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