About Me

I am a SoCal native who loves where I live. When I’m not working the 9-5 grind you can find me all over Los Angeles and Orange County finding new things to see and do. When I find something that’s pretty great (which I often do) I share it with you.

Rest assured that I only share what I love. If I don’t care for it I don’t share it. Plain and simple. So if you’re a local hopefully this blog will lead you to someplace new. And if you’re just visiting, think of this as a travel guide. These are the places that are LA must-sees.

On that note, I welcome any and all suggestions on things to see and do. I do focus on Southern California but I’m open to anything. I even have a Road Trip feature for when my adventures take me out of town.  Feel free to email me with suggestions. Or tweet me. Or post on my Facebook page.

And if you’re a PR firm or local brand I’d be more than happy to work with you.