Admiring the A-Frame at Modernism Week

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned my abbreviated visit to Palm Springs Modernism Week 2018. Though, I had a shorter schedule than usual I was still able to make it to a number of wonderful events such as the Albert Frey screening and home tour. And there was one event in particular that was the highlight of my Modernism Week – a lecture and tour called Making the Modern A-Frame.

I must admit, prior to this year’s event I hadn’t much considered A-frames. Sure, I liked them but I mostly associated them with mountain towns and 70’s style ski lodges. But, on a whim I decided to attend the Making the Modern A-Frame lecture at CAMP, the modernism week headquarters and fell in love.

The lecture was presented by architectural photographer Ben Rahn who had recently released a book called The Modern A-Frame. for about a year he traveled all over the country photographing a number of fascinating examples of this most unique design style. Rahm mentioned, “no one boring lives in an A-frame” and, based on his images, I must agree.

After the lecture we were given a map to visit a local A-frame and here is where things got really good. Have you ever heard of Snow Creek?

This tiny community located off Highway 111 between Palm Springs and the 10 Freeway is a rare treat. I first heard of it about a year ago and had been dying to check it out. Formed in the 1920’s this enclave of only 39 residences has long attracted artists, bohemians, and those who just want to get away from it all.

Its name comes from a creek that once ran through the community allowing folks to fish right from their backyards. Sadly, the creek is long gone (diverted to the water company) but the area does sit along the Pacific Crest Trail and hikers continually pass through. It’s also windy, very windy, and when I arrived the smell of wild sage wafted through the air.

The home we visited is currently for sale and if I had $535K I’d have snapped it up in a heart beat.

Built in 1961 it’s a typical A-frame with a couple of wings added on to it. Hidden on a  3/4 acre lot it’s truly a little slice of paradise.

As soon as I entered the gates I knew the home was something special. Beautifully kept up and stylishly appointed it would make the perfect cozy abode.

Isn’t it perfection?

If it wasn’t for the relentless wind and the record breaking summer heat I would move heaven and earth to relocate to Snow Creek. As it is, I’m so glad I was finally able to pay the community a visit. Plus, I’ve developed a new found love for the A-frame!



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