Avocado Ale Arrives at Angel City Brewery

Californians sure do live in the land of plenty. Take avocados. Several years ago my family was on vacation in Seattle when we stopped at Subway for a quick bite. My sister ordered a turkey sandwich with avocado and received the reply, “you live in California, don’t you?” Before that trip it had never occurred to me that an item so readily available here was a luxury in other states. Just another reason why living here is so awesome. Avocados are so plentiful that we even make beer out of them.

Yup, once a year Angel City Brewery buys scores of California avocados and turns them into a limited edition ale. Last week I was lucky enough to head to the public house and preview their latest offering.


Avocado Ale is an annual tradition at Angel City yet I hadn’t had a chance to drink it until this year. Frankly, it never appealed to me before and I wondered how it could possibly taste good. Luckily, I’m open minded so I gave it a whirl. Brewed with a mixture of Haas avocados, avocado honey, cilantro, and lime juice it’s’ quite a refreshing beer that goes down very smoothly (on account of the waxiness of the avocados). It’s full bodied and finishes with a note of avocado just to remind you of its unusual ingredient. I actually loved it and before I knew it I had downed the whole pint.

Leave it Angel City to continually surprise me with their innovative beers. It’s definitely one of the reasons why I keep going back. Hey, Angel City, keep doin’ what you do and I’ll certainly stick around.


  1. Brenda Hill August 16, 2016 at 12:27 am

    Perfect combo, Melanie. Two of my favorite things…ale and avacados. Like you, did not imagine them together.
    However, after sampling great wine and food pairings with you at Wine and Fire, I totally trust your taste buds. Anxious to share a pint or two with you.

    1. mk1005 August 16, 2016 at 3:09 am

      That would be fantastic!

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