Fine Dining at the Rose Bowl

I’ve been to the Rose Bowl twice and neither time to was to see a game or concert. My first visit was to the inaugural LA Street Food Fest where I managed to sample lots of items, wait in long lines and, somehow, spend $75 on Bliss beauty products. Still don’t know how that last one happened (oh yeah…alcohol). Recently, I made my second visit to the famed stadium to enjoy another food-centric event – the invite only open house of the special events division.

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The evening started out in the Terry Donahue Pavilion where we enjoyed an open bar provided by Cocktail Academy and a buffet provided by Wofgang Puck Catering. Did you know Wolfgang Puck is the official caterer of the Rose Bowl? I certainly didn’t.

IMG_9180 (800x600) IMG_9182 (600x800) IMG_9185 (800x600) IMG_9178 (800x600) IMG_9184 (800x600)

What a feast! The majority of the items were delicious and I enjoyed them while admiring a view of the field below.

IMG_9189 (800x600)

And, of course, there was dessert.

IMG_9176 (800x600) IMG_9175 (800x600) IMG_9174 (800x600)

Feeling quite happy with my meal I headed down to the next stop – the Rose Garden. Did you know adjacent to the field there’s a private area where you can hold parties? This was a night of learning new things!

IMG_9195 (800x600) IMG_9193 (600x800)

Here I enjoyed a freshly shucked oyster and a glass of Dom Perignon. Ah, the good life! From the garden we continued to the Visitor Locker Room where the UCLA Cheerleaders were performing. Never one to go out for the sport I spent but a few minutes in this area.

The final stop was the Court of Champions right at the main entrance. Here I found the biggest surprise of all  – a clambake!

IMG_9204 (800x600)

I must admit, I’d never attended a clambake before so I was super excited to try it out.

IMG_9209 (800x600)

Oh, wow! A few years ago I couldn’t stand shellfish but boy have things changed. It was absolutely delicious. And dessert?

IMG_9206 (800x600)

Peach everything! My favorite was the handmade peach Twinkies. I wish they sold them in stores!

It was quite a night. If I ever make my millions I may have to hold an event there.

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  1. Raquel August 20, 2015 at 11:09 pm

    Wow that clambake and those desserts! I have been going to the UCLA football games at the Rose Bowl for the last few years and never know that Wolfgang Puck was the official caterer! Very cool and tasty looking!

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