Fun and Flip Flops at The Original Farmers Market

When I was still a teenager I once cause an episode of Visiting…with Huell Howser on The Original Farmers Market. I was instantly enamored and knew I had to visit.  Shortly after my family trekked from OC to check out it and it was everything I had hoped it would be. In the years since I’ve visited the market more times that I can count and I love it each time. Recently, I was asked to check out the launch of the new Dylan’s Candy Bar/Havianas collaboration at their Farmers Market location. Of course, I went.

Dylan's Candy Bar

Dylan’s Candy Bar and Havianas are more recent additions to the Farmers Market. While I prefer the original stalls I can’t say I minded a visit to these fun spots. I’ve got a weakness for all things candy and it was fun to wander around the shop drooling at all the merchandise.

IMG_7999 (600x800)

I kept my cool and only grabbed a few taffy candies. After all, I was there for flip flops not fun dip! (mmm…fun dip).

Dylan's Candy Bar Havianas IMG_8005 (800x800)

The stores are conveniently located next door to each other and you can find the shoes at both locations. They’re such colorful additions to any summer outfit. I’m excited to test out mine (I was given a pair) this season.

After checking out the shops I headed into the original market to grab some lunch. It’s so fun to wander around and see all the unique spots you won’t find anywhere else.

IMG_5507 (800x600) IMG_5508 (800x600) IMG_5516 (800x600) IMG_5515 (800x600)IMG_5514 (800x600)

Bennett’s, Littlejohns, The French Crepe Company, The Gumbo Pot…I love all of these spots. On another recent visit I went someplace I had never gone before…upstairs!

IMG_5501 (800x600) IMG_5502 (800x600)IMG_5504 (800x600)IMG_5503 (800x600)

In all my years of visiting I had never bothered to go up. It was a whole new world. Lots of tables, a community room, an awesome view of the market below and even an old water tower!

IMG_5506 (800x600)

As long as I live in the area you’ll always be able to meet me at 3rd and Fairfax!

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