Support the Special Olympics World Games at Ralphs

This summer from July 25-August 2 the Special Olympics World Games will be held in Los Angeles. This is the first time in 16 years the world games has returned to the US and is the largest sporting event in LA since the ’84 Olympics!

Special Olympics World Games

To celebrate this momentous event Southern California Ralphs stores will be holding a fundraiser until May 19.  When you shop at any Ralphs or Food 4 Less in the region you can donate your spare change at the checkout. Simply look for specially marked canisters to drop off your donation.


In doing so, you’ll be helping thousands of athletes around the globe achieve their dreams of competing in the World Games. One of those athletes, Eddie Mack, is an employee of Ralphs. Working out of the Hancock Park store he is the face of this years fund raising campaign.

Next time your at Ralphs, keep an eye for the fundraising jar. Your spare change will support Eddie and the rest of the athletes of the Special Olympics World Games.

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