Ghost Town at Knott’s Berry Farm

Until recently, I hadn’t visited Knott’s Berry Farm since I was a teenager. But, as you know, I spent New Year’s Eve there. It was interesting to visit after so many years. Of course there were many changes and several sections were unrecognizable to me. But one area that remains the same is Ghost Town.

knotts berry farm ghost town

And I’m thankful for that as I have many fond memories of childhood visits. It was fun to wander around the area and revisit some of my favorite spots.

ghost townghost townghost town knotts berry farm

And since I’d visited it so frequently in the past it was fun to look around and find new details to discover.

ghost townchickenbrandsghost towncash registerprospectorI also made sure to take a trip on the newly refurbished Log Ride.

log ride

And, of course, had some funnel cake.

funnel cake funnel cake

With all the new, exciting things happening at Knott’s Berry Farm, I’m glad some things stay the same.

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