Having a Frozen Treat at The Ice Cream Bar in San Francisco

One of the reasons my sister and I make such good traveling companions is that we share many of the same interests. One of those is ice cream. We both love it and seek out great local places on our trips. One place we found in San Francisco is The Ice Cream Bar.

The Ice Cream Bar is located in the lovely Cole Valley neighborhood in San Francisco. We decided to stop there for a late night treat after our trip to The Stanford Theatre.

The Ice Cream Bar is a nod to the ice cream parlors of old. The decor is decidedly Deco and the menu contains many long ago favorite like phosphates, lactarts, floats, malts and milkshakes.

The bar does have a modern take to the classics. You wouldn’t find ice cream flavors like creme fraiche or tres leches cake in an old time parlor. Since we knew this would be our only time visiting The Ice Cream Bar on this trip we decided to go all out and order a scoop of ice cream and a drink each.

For my ice cream I went for tres leches cake.

This generous scoop tasted exactly like tres leches cake, one of my favorites! It was so delicious.

For my drink I went for the…dangit, I forgot the name and it’s not listed on their online menu! Anyway, it had roasted pineapple ice cream and a lime flavored soda. The sodas are filled with various extracts…I know there was more to it but I simply can’t remember. Either way, here it is:

Do I need to even tell you it was amazing? The roasted pinapple ice cream had chunks of actual roasted pineapple inside. So delicioso!

Now why can’t there be one near me?

The Ice Cream Bar
815 Cole Street
San Francisco, CA 94117

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