Kid’s Corner – Reading With Disney’s Frozen

I’d like to welcome to LA Explorer our newest contributor, Annie – aunt to four adorable nieces and nephews. She will be contributing to our brand new Kid’s Corner. Take it away, Annie!
With two nieces and two nephews under the age of ten, I have pretty much seen every children’s movie that has come out in recent years… So, when I went to see Frozen, I was expecting a formulaic animated film that was better than most – as Disney films often are – but still potentially forgettable. Boy, was I in for a pleasant surprise. My whole family loved it. One member in particular was spellbound, as most 6 year old girls are – my niece, Millie. Since we saw it back in December, Millie has memorized all of the songs, can recite all of the dialogue, and “Anna and Elsa” is the game her friends play in the school yard at recess. So, when I received this amazing collection of Frozen books and an awesome Frozen app, just before her 6th birthday, I was beyond excited to give them to her.
Frozen app
First, the app. I love it because it is both a picture book and a game. Millie, who is learning how to read, can read along with the story of Frozen with or without a voiceover. So, she gets to learn without feeling like she’s studying. Plus, the games are lovely and fun. Both my 2 and 8 year old nephews enjoy those as well.There was also a great assortment of books, from a beautiful picture book, to a “step into reading” book (perfect for Millie), to a “junior novelization” that my 8 year old nephew eagerly volunteered to read to Millie until she was old enough to read it herself.  The book “A Sister More Like Me” is a beautiful picture book that deviates from the filmic story, and sheds light onto Anna and Elsa’s back-story a little bit more.
Frozen book
Frozen really makes our hot California weather seem a little bit more bearable. So, whether you’re watching the movie, playing the app, or reading the books, I recommend you curl up with a blanket and enjoy!

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